Top 4 Chinese Takeaways in Redcar

If you are looking for ethnic cuisines, chances are you usually end up with very few options, and Chinese will be among them – one that has taken over the world by storm.

Today, Chinese food has almost become a way of life with dishes such as Fried rice, Chow mein, Hot and Sour soup and various chicken dishes, making their way to the favourite food list of many.

Whether you go out to restaurants or order food at home, you are sure to have tried out Chinese at least once. Besides, you can find Chinese food in roadside stalls, and many joints around the world have opened up to deliver them to their customers.

If you are in Redcar, UK, you must try these popular Chinese takeout restaurants, which are famous for their authentic flavours and global appeal.

New Shanghai

Over 80% of visitors trust New Shanghai for their 5-star rating. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular Chinese takeaways in Redcar, run by a friendly and welcoming family. Their customers have turned into regulars after their very first try. The takeaway also has a useful delivery service, especially in today’s hard time. The place is famous for its great service, polite attitude, quick delivery and of course delicious Chinese food.

Must-try dish: Chicken Chow Mein

Tasty China

“.. Couldn’t find fault, only downside is that it’s too much for one person.”, Sue Davos ( Regular visitor )

If you are looking for authentic Chinese food, and if a single plate is not enough for you, we have found you a perfect match. A lovely lady and family-run Tasty China. Being one of the oldest Chinese takeaways in Redcar, Tasty China is quite popular among the locals. Their customers have been regulars for ages. The same regular customers assure that the food is great, and Tasty China will never disappoint anyone.

Must-try dish: Munchie Box

Thames Road Chinese

Polite attitude, delicious food, and on-time delivery are some of the USPs of Thames Road Chinese.

“.. My God, just had king prawn beef curry rice and noodles and oh yeah, some spring rolls, Absolutely delicious, normally I’d save a bit for later! Hahaha, not this time was too nice!”, Martin Bradbury

Are you looking for some late-night Chinese? Now, you just know the right place. Customers often mention that the staff on the phone considers customisation, suggest specials and ensures on-time delivery. Isn’t it lovely?

Must-try dish: Fried Rice, Chips and Sauce

Happiness Inn

Do not get distracted by its non-Chinese name. Happiness Inn is run by a young lady and her family who are well known among the locals for their Chinese and Thai food. Despite being a new establishment when compared to the other restaurants on the list, Happiness Inn serves you both traditional and experimental Chinese food. If you are a food lover of delicious combinations, we strongly suggest you try them out once, you should not miss it out.

“.. Whilst the premises look like nothing special, their food is! Quality fresh ingredients.”, An anonymous Spanish Traveller

Must-try dish: Chicken Pepper Corn and Spicy Salt

If you can’t wait to order from these famous takeaways after reading this article, congratulations, you’re a certified Chinese food fan😀.

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