More Customers are Finding Their Way to These Top 5 Takeaways in Carlisle

Take a break from all that research to find the best food in your locality. Why, you ask? Because we bring to you the cream of the crop – the top 5 takeaways in Carlisle that people are going bonkers over on Foodhub! From grills serving smoking-hot kebabs, to soul-comforting pizza parlours, the list has quite a variety. So, ready to explore these places that are highly-rated on Foodhub app and website by people of Carlisle? Here you go!

The Pizza Base

Looking for a piping-hot box of cheesy delight? Well, we know which door the most of Carlisle’s population is knocking on right at this moment. The Pizza base has some great variety of toppings and crust to choose from. The list seems endless when you land on their app/website, but you know what they say, more the merrier! 

Caspian Flame Grill

Caspian Flame Grills’s long list of offerings makes the foodie in you purr with satisfaction, quite literally! The options are varied and food is every bit tasteful. And as their name suggests, you can definitely find some of their signature dishes with a Caspian twist, as they like to call it. 


Before we tell you anything about them, you need to know one basic thing – MEATIEST BURGERS EVER! Sorry for that disclaimer but heaven knows it that Delicious makes some of the tastiest burgers you will ever eat. Their menu is filled with many other options but their burgers take the throne, hands down.

Warwick Fish n Chips

It’s no surprise that during these uncertain times, people are seeking comfort from the foods that are closest to them or are most familiar. Warwick’s very famous Fish n chips have been ordered 5x more in the last few months, than any other time. So, if you are looking for some finger-licking chippies to soothe your soul, you know where to go!

Mario’s Pizza

We weren’t surprised to find another Pizza place leading the forefront but we were a bit astounded to see the extensive options of food Mario’s were serving. Their claim to deliver the best taste is as genuine as they come. Mario’s wraps are to die for! Also, their website has a few offers running too. Hurry up!

Tempting, right? What are you waiting for? Go on your Foodhub app and find all these delightful places right under your fingertips. Don’t forget to check out our latest find on top dishes in the UK, currently.

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