Top 5 Pizza Places Rated on Foodhub

These months, as most of us have been staying at home, has inevitably made us reach out to our go-to soul food – Pizza. Whether it’s wrapping up an office presentation in pyjamas or catching up on the latest match, our eyes immediately seek the comfort of a piping hot pizza slice to pair up any activity we find ourselves in the middle of. Innit? Not so surprisingly, Foodhub has seen a surge of Pizza lovers demanding their favourites, in the last few months.
Since you have shown us so much love, we thought of listing down the most preferred pizza places on our app so that you have more options to try or explore new palates. Here you go –

Pizza Base Carlisle

This Pizza place has topped our list with people constantly demanding for more! The Pizza Base is located in Carlisle and is quite popular. They have so many options in toppings that it’s quite a party out there.

With thick layers of toppings and intense flavours, this place sells some of the best pizzas we have ever had.

Pizza Planet Carlisle

A proud bunch of pizza lovers who have opened Pizza Planet just to spread their love for this comfort food. They have a space-like theme and truly their pizzas taste out of this world! They have quite a variety of wraps, burgers and other fast foods too, which, not so shockingly, make this place a go-to for many on Foodhub.

Venice Pizzeria

This pizzeria is the 3rd most popular on Foodhub app and rightfully so! Venice Pizzeria offers some of the best flavours and ingredients that you could ask for. The texture of the crust is so soft and flavourful, that you will be tempted to want more and more. If you are having second thoughts about your pizza place, we recommend you to switch to this one immediately!

Royal Pizzeria

A fine pizza parlour with so much to offer! Royal pizzeria is a favourite among our customers and why not? Their pizzas come bursting with flavours with just the right amount of meat toppings. They are also one of those places that are constantly bringing something new on the menu. Wise ones, don’t forget to check them out!

Milano Pizza

The 5th most wanted Pizzeria on our list is Milano Pizza. The most amazing thing about them is that they make great pizzas but other items on their menu are equally delectable! From those crunchy fried chickens to the finger-licking juicy wraps, the list of their mouth-watering dishes goes on and on. We give a thumbs up to this place! 

So, tell us how did you find our compilation of most rated pizzerias on Foodhub? Please share your thoughts at [email protected] and don’t forget to subscribe to our blogs for freshly brewed content on your favourite dishes and food joints.

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