5 Pizza Takeaways You MUST Try in Redcar

Whether it’s to celebrate a victory or to give a treat to your family, pizza is an incredibly popular food in the UK.

Who doesn’t love to get together with friends or family to eat pizza? After all, it’s delicious, quick and best of all, there’s a combination of toppings for absolutely everyone.

However, apart from being mouth-wateringly delicious, it is highly convenient and easy to eat. Many will agree that the best way to enjoy a relaxing day is having someone deliver a piping hot pizza right at your doorstep, while you are binge-watching Netflix the entire day. Can things get better than that? No way!

And if you are in Redcar, UK then you must try these Popular Pizza takeout restaurants which are famous for their original flavours.

Soprano’s Pizzas Takeaway

With over 85% of visitors giving 5* rating, this small takeaway is one of the best Pizza takeaway restaurants in Redcar. This place is famous for its reasonable price and best quality. Isn’t that amazing already?

Must try: Margherita Cheese and Tomato Pizza

“.. First time at the pizza shop located in the heart of Marske. Best one I’ve had in years. Perfectly done. Garlic sauce is top-notch.” Isaacplayz R (Local resident)

Other than its huge non-veg menu, Soprano’s is quite popular for its veg options as well. So if you are in or around Redcar looking for some amazing veg pizzas, you know where to go now!

Goji’s Pizza Di Mare

This place is just full of online praises and love. Someone keeps on commenting on their famous Bolognese pizza or the pepperoni one.

Pizza Di Mare is quite impressive with their service and staff. With a multitude of customisation options, this place has become favourites for people who have their own ways to eat their favourite Italian pizza.

Another cool thing about Goji’s is that their team is quite active on social media. So, you can be sure that someone is definitely making a note of your suggestions and no feedback will ever go unnoticed. If you fancy driving to the place, they have amazing parking too. Also, people just do not stop talking about how amazing their delivery guys are.

Must try: Chicken And Pepperoni Pizza

“.. Great sized portions at amazing prices. The delivery driver is a great bloke too, always happy and smiling 🙂 “, Dale Rusk ( Food Reviewer )

If you are looking for a great pizza place to order on Foodhub, “Goji’s & Pizza Di Mare” should be definitely on your list.

Uncle Rocco’s Pizzeria

Polite attitude, friendly staff and accurate delivery time are some of the USPs of Uncle Rocco’s Pizzeria. Great Pizza = Uncle Rocco’s Pizzeria, that’s how the locals know this place. Chips and parmesan are the ones which the crowd is crazy for.

Must try: Pollo Fungi Pizza

“.. Outstanding food and customer service couldn’t find fault with anything 5 🌟 all the way”, Kerry James (Foodie )

Also, not to forget about their very famous mint chips & garlic and the pollo supremo. We think “Lit” is the right word to describe it.

Gourmet Takeaway

Let’s not get distracted by its non-Italian name. Managed by new management, this small Italian food takeaway in Redcar is quite famous for their authentic flavours.

Must try: Popcorn Chicken Pizza

“.. Excellent but don’t try changing the menu as they are strict. Food is already great”, Dickie Mint (Regular visitor)

So, if you are a fan of good traditional pizza, you should definitely give Gourmet Takeaway a try.

Pizza Pronto

It’s late-night and you’re looking for some amazing pizza? No worries, I think we just found a place which is great for your late-night Pizza addiction. 

“.. Generous portions, great quality food and delivery drivers always conscious of social distancing. Without a doubt the best pizza shop in Redcar.”, Jonny Willett (New fan of the place)

People just do not stop talking about the delicious pizzas these guys make. And the portions that just look endless. Pizza Pronto is famous for its combos and The Munch Box deals are excellent, plus a nominal 50p delivery charges regardless of whatever you order. 

Do we need to say more?

The takeaway has a good history and the fan base has just been increasing since its formation. 

Must try: 10″ Munch Box

“.. Great tasting food has used this place for years and have never had a reason to complain. Very friendly staff and clean., Michael Roberts (Regular visitor for last 8 years)

Pizza Pronto is basically a great place which makes amazing authentic pizzas with larger than life portions, & friendly staff. I think we have officially run out of more reasons to visit this place. 

Pizza is the epitome of a perfect snack. It combines a crispy crust that’s drenched in a savoury sauce and concealed underneath a mountain of melty, gooey mozzarella cheese.

Don’t know about you, but all this talk about Pizza has made us really hungry.

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