In the World of Food Portals, Why Foodhub is Your Best Bet at Increasing Your Profits?

The big portals charge close to 13-14% (plus tax) commission from restaurants and takeaways listed on their app, which takes away a big chunk from takeaway’s profits.

We are a generation of convenience seekers, it’s true. Every sector and industry is becoming technologically driven because technology brings the entire world under your fingertips. There’s no denying that technology has almost become a physical appendage for people of this era, and brands are going above and beyond to make the most of this platform.

The food industry is no different. Technology has played a vital role in redefining the way takeaway and restaurants work. From enhancing their overall performance, efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction through food portals, takeaway websites and food ordering apps, to ensuring new ways of getting orders, technology has radically changed the way people order food today.

Apart from convenience, our food choices and habits have also changed drastically. Consumers have been spoiled for choice, and for so long now. Today, people are not only looking for healthier or adventurous options in their meal, but they are also looking for different kinds of experiences. It all boils down to experience, doesn’t it?

So, what exactly are your customers looking for?

The speed and ease of eating what they want

We are so accustomed to instant gratification that spending too much time to order food has become a trivial task. Your customers are looking for a speedy and easy process of choosing what they want to eat when they want to eat and where do they want to eat.

No more Fear of Missing out

Everybody is turning towards food portals and delivery apps including your friends and competitors alike. If you miss the chance of being listed in one of them, you lose a majority of your potential customers. Now, nobody wants that!

Quick and safe payment

These days, the market has too many options to make safe and fast payments – from online card payments, digital wallets, to PDQ devices and other cashless options, that save time. Your customers are expecting nothing less from you.

The blessing called Delivery

People are eating restaurant and takeaway food – just not at the restaurants or takeaways as much. Food businesses all over the world are witnessing less foot traffic and more online or app orders for delivery, with every passing day. The reason being – your customers are getting the freedom to eat their favourite food at the comfort of their home while doing what they want. And here’s the best part – delivery orders are double the size of a standard check at the counter itself. A win-win situation for all!

Customised menus

As we mentioned earlier, people have food preferences, and they wish to have control over how their meal is prepared and served. If your menu offers them to personalize their food and specify their requirements, nothing can stop you from making it to their favourite list.

As a takeaway or restaurant owner, you can get all that just by listing yourself on a leading food portal. Being on a prominent food portal brings you plenty of opportunities to grow your business. It allows your customers to peruse a larger selection of foods and restaurants on a single screen. Your customers can choose the takeaway they want to order from and in no time the food reaches their doorstep.

Over the years many food delivery apps have come in the market, some doing better than the rest. Where a few of the big players have expanded all over the world and are doing great in the UK market, some small brands have outshone them in functionality as well as likeability.

These big portals charge close to 13-14% (plus tax) commission from restaurants and takeaways listed on their app. And while their reason to charge commission is to help restaurants and takeaways improve their offering, service and profitability, it still takes a big chunk out of a takeaway’s bottom line.

How about an app that doesn’t charge a high commission from you?

Foodhub is a UK based food ordering app and website that allows your customers to place orders from local restaurants and takeaways. The food portal is already a known name in over 100 cities in the UK and thousands of takeaways and restaurants are reaping the benefits of being listed with them. Foodhub’s unique feature is that they don’t charge a high commission from the takeaways is the reason why their clients are able to save the commission money and in return offer better deals to their customers.

The app and the website of FoodHub are user-friendly and easy to use. With numerous features and filters that your customers will absolutely love, Foodhub is, undoubtedly, your best bet to increase the profits.

Click here if you are ready to do that.

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