Top 10 Foods That Became UK’s Favourite During Lockdown

We don’t need words to describe how this year has been going till now. Admiringly, amidst all the uncertainty, we are at least certain about our favourite food getting delivered to us, thanks to all these wonderful food delivery portals and food businesses. Small mercies, eh? 

We were quite curious to know whether this kind of societal change has brought any change in our eating habits, and guess what we found? It has

There was a 208 percent increase in fish and chips orders since the lockdown started as uncertainty called for familiar at home comfort food, leading to doubling of takeaway orders since the lockdown began. Philip Mostyn, COO Foodhub, said: “For many of us, takeaways have provided us small moments of joy and a break from the monotony we’re all experiencing in lockdown. It’s interesting to see how, as a nation, we’re turning to the old favourites and seeking comfort in familiar nostalgic foods, such as chippies.

So, with that thought in mind, let’s look at the top 10 foods that have been most favoured by the denizens of UK during the lockdown.

1. Fish n Chips (up by 208%)

2. Quarter Pounder Burgers (up by 158%)

3. Doner Kebabs (up by 156%)

4. Sausage and Chips (up by 152%)

5. Garlic Bread (up by 148%)

6. Chicken Burgers (up by 147%)

7. Chicken Nuggets (up by 146%)

8. Cheesecake (up by 129%)

9. Pizza (up by 115%)

10. Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream (up by 113%)

Wow! While Fish n chips topping the list doesn’t come as a shock, the rest of the food items on the list shows how much people are seeking comfort in the food they are most familiar with. Usually Chinese and Indian cuisines undeniably make it to the top food items ordered in the UK, it is heartening to see people turning to the dishes that makes them feel closer to home. 

So, what your food order list says on the app? 

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