Top 4 Burger Takeaways That You Have to Try in Congleton

Juicy, affordable, and above all, they make me happy. We can give a million more reasons for why we love burgers so much, but let’s keep that for another day.

If you are in or around Congleton, you must definitely try these burger takeaways in Foodhub that will make you love burgers even more.

Rupeyal Biddulph

Rupeyal Bidulph is a small takeaway restaurant in Congleton that has made quite a good name in the last few years. People are in love with this place since the change in management a few months ago.

“.. Always order from here, always happy!”, Carly Jackson (A regular customer)

One of the desirable things about this burger-specialised takeaway is its friendliness. The staff is super helpful. So, feel free to ask queries about anything without hesitation.

Must-try: Large Chicken Burger With Chips

Papa King

If you are in Congleton, looking for the most popular burgers, the name is Papa King. The place is also known for its brilliant customer service that goes the extra mile to make you feel the most comfortable.

“.. The best burger I have had in years – quality!”, Chris Pestell (A customer)

Besides, appreciations about its medium price range fill online forums.

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Let’s assume that it’s the end of the month and you don’t have too much money in the bank but you want to have a mouth-filling burger. Sizzlers can cover you. The place is well-known for its least expensive menu, and the food is always at its best. 

Doubts? Here’s what Corey has said.

“.. An absolutely excellent experience! I had four meal tonight, and my sister and I got a fruit shoot while we were waiting.”, Corey Bright (A regular)

Must-try: Mega Burger with Chips

Valleys Fast Food

Customers turn into regulars of Valleys for its service and the quality of food. Their burgers are known for having top-class ingredients.

“.. An absolutely lovely food! We have lived in stoke for 3 years, and honestly, this was my first time ordering from valleys. It was amazing!”, Joshua Chappell (A new customer)

Must-try: Large Chicken Burger with Chips

Nothing is better than biting through the crispy outer layers of a burger with the tender-soft grilled centre bun and a slight char.

Excuse me, we think it’s time for us to order burgers on Foodhub. 😉 

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