Introducing Foodhub’s local charity initiative, Love Local

The more orders you place, the more you help us to give back.

At Foodhub we want to support not only local restaurants and takeaway businesses, but local communities too.

That is why we have launched Love Local, where we will donate a meal to a local charity or organisation within the community when our local restaurant or takeaway partners hit a certain amount of orders.

We are starting this initiative in the area of Stoke on Trent. Stoke has a lot of sentiment and meaning to Foodhub- our founders grew up in the area and our head office is based in Fenton. For Love Local, we want to continue to connect with our local roots, and give back to the community that helped form Foodhub, and has impacted the growth of the company throughout recent years.

How Can I Help?

When you support Foodhub by placing an order, this means that you are also helping us to support your local community. Every order placed helps us to continue to give back, and aid those most in need within local areas and communities.

Once you have placed a specific amount of orders through Foodhub, you will earn a badge of honour, which you can share with all your friends and family, to show you support Love Local, and to encourage them to get involved! 

 The more you order locally the more you give locally.

Our Love Local programme might not be available in your local area for now, but make sure you keep an eye out on our socials, or sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know when we launch near you.

Continuing to order from Foodhub will enable us to launch Love Local in multiple areas across the nation, so keep supporting your local restaurant or takeaway by placing an order with us today!

Let’s support your local community together.

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*A donation will be made to a charity in the form of Foodhub vouchers once our local restaurant or takeaway partners reach a specific amount of orders

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