World Chocolate Day- Foodhub customers picked their favourite chocolate bar!


Wednesday 7th July is World Chocolate Day, and last week, we asked Foodhub customers on our socials what the best chocolate bar out there is!

It was a close competition, but the jury has spoken, and it appears the chocolate bar that reigned our Top Tier category is *drum roll* Galaxy! The silky, smooth chocolate bar takes the crown as the highest-rated bar, as it became a clear winner, being the majority’s first option when listing their Top Tier. Twirl took silver, becoming the second favourite chocolate bar alongside Galaxy. Third place took an interesting turn as it resulted in a draw- the Double Decker and Snickers tied at the number of votes for bronze.

For our Mid Tier, the humble Kit Kat took the lead, with most voters labelling this chocolate bar as their first choice for this category. Mars Bar followed closely with only 3 votes between itself and the Kit Kat. Which meant that third place was awarded to Crunchie, creating our finalists for Mid Tier.

The LOL Tier saw the battle of the worst-rated chocolate bars, and we have to admit, we did see this coming. The chocolate bar taking the crown for this category is… Bounty! It may not come as a surprise to some, and the decadent, coconut flavoured chocolate bar lived up to its controversy, receiving the most amount of votes for chocolate bars that belong in the LOL Tier. Second place went to Fudge, which possibly doesn’t necessarily receive the credit it deserves, some may argue. And finally, third place went to Caramac- not an obvious choice when it comes to choosing a chocolate bar to indulge in, but it wasn’t a popular choice for the customers of Foodhub.

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Although chocolate is sweet, so are T & C’s, so here are the terms for our World Chocolate Day discount code:

Valid for 7th July only

One use per customer

No minimum order but restaurant partners may have their minimum order value.

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