It’s a few days after Christmas, and that usually means the fridge is stuffed with leftover turkey from Christmas dinner. You try to get rid of it with the only way you know how to— make every other meal with turkey in it!

Imagine eating turkey for lunch, dinner, and a post-dinner bite or as a midnight snack. By New Year, you’ll be seeing turkey in your dreams!

Fear not, for Foodhub has a better solution than eating away the problem. How exactly?

Check out new cuisines

With the restrictions in place, Foodhub offers you the chance to travel the world from the comfort of your own home, by exploring cuisines you have never tried before. If trying out new cuisines is something you do not wish to do at the moment, why not go for some popular cuisines from the neighbourhood takeaways? 

Asian Cuisines

This cuisine is a combination of popular dishes that dominate the Southern and Eastern regions of Asia. Loaded with a variety of spices, the flavours rarely tend to disappoint, and the diversity of the cuisine has something for everyone. Popular Asian cuisines are those from China, India, Japan, Thailand and South Korea.

Mexican Cuisine

If there was a list of countries with a rich culinary heritage, Mexico would certainly be in the top 5. The cuisine contains dishes with lots of spices, corn, and beans. Feeling alienated from the cuisine? Here’s one word that will sound familiar— Tacos. Need we say more?

Ethiopian Cuisine

One of the cuisines that have created a recent rave amongst foodies is Ethiopian food. It’s extremely flavourful and the way the dishes are consumed is equally fascinating. Traditionally, Ethiopian food is eaten with the hands; this is done by tearing off a piece of injera (a sour fermented spongy flatbread) to scoop up the food. The food is served on a large plate and everyone is encouraged to eat from the same plate. 

Be More Meaty

Skipping out on turkey meat doesn’t mean you have to avoid all meat! Duck, chicken, lamb, and beef are other favourites that surely hold greater priority than the festive turkey. If you want to skip out on the usual selection of meat, you can always go for seafood. A fish dinner with the family can be the refreshing change that you are looking for.  

Vegone Oh Turkey!

Another way to cleanse your palette from the taste of turkey is trying out vegan or vegetarian food. Vegan cuisine is slightly more restrictive than vegetarian cuisine, as it avoids the use of all animal products which include dairy and eggs. However, as the popularity of the vegan lifestyle takes over the UK, there are a lot of vegan restaurants that you can explore and try out some of your usual favourite foods such as burgers, pizzas and sandwiches. 

So what are you waiting for? Get on Foodhub and quit “cold turkey”

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