The Absolute Best 4 Takeaway Restaurants in and around Wisbech

Delicious food is happiness.

It is a unique way of bringing people together and the main focus of celebrations and casual get-togethers.

George Bernard Shaw once said, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

So, here we share the details about the best restaurants in Wisbech, to fulfil your every possible food craving.

March Tandoori (Indian Cuisine)

If you are in Wisbech, looking for authentic Indian food, March Tandoori is your destination. 

Some of their top dishes are Curry Deal, Meat Samosa, and Tandoori Chicken, among many others. The restaurant has been serving Indian for years and is the most popular in the locality. Besides, its another plus is that the chefs customise spiciness based on your preference. Isn’t that finger-licking awesome?

Must-try: Chef’s Special Biryani

Google Rating – 4.1

Smokey Pizza (Pizzas)

Simple, honest, and authentic, expect nothing less from Smokey Pizza, which is at 5 Edinburgh Dr, Wisbech.

They are committed to using handpicked and fresh seasonal ingredients that they grow in the region. The takeaway is known for its offers too.

Must-try: 9″ Smokey Pizza

Google Rating – 4.6

Luigi’s (Burgers)

Luigi’s is the doorway to a world of burgers. Period.

It is the first name that one calls when there is a discussion about the best burger places in the area. 

At Wisbech, everything is about the quality of the food and reasonable prices, and Luigi’s ticks them both. They grill their meat to perfection, which makes it tastier and tender. To quench your dessert craving, they have got the best Chocolate Fudge Cake. 

Must-try: ½lb Beef Burger

Google Rating – 4.2

King Kebab Ltd (Kebabs)

Located in 7a Norfolk St, King Kebab serves the best doner kebabs in Wisbech, which are mouth-watering and cheap. 

It has a large number of regulars who have no plan to stop any time soon. Appreciations about its staff fill the social forums for letting customers customise orders based on their meat preferences. 

Must-try: Doner Meat and Chips

Google Rating – 4.2

We believe delicious food is much more than its appearance. It makes us try various food items that reflect the culture and tradition of different parts of the world, which we share with you.

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