The 5 Best Places to Order a Burger in Grimsby

Happy National Burger Day! This year’s celebration of the beloved burger has fallen on 27th August, and what better way to mark the occasion than to point you in the direction of the best burgers you can buy in Grimsby?

The origins of the humble hamburger are highly contested, with the date of its creation falling somewhere between the 1870s and 1900s. What’s for sure is that burgers are now one of the most popular foods here in the UK and overseas, with a multitude of options available to choose from.

Whether you like chicken burgers, veggie burgers or just a good old fashioned cheeseburger, these takeaways have you covered.

HLC Pizza and Kebab House

With options including a doner burger and chilli burger, as well as the classics, it’s not hard to see why HLC Pizza and Kebab House is a firm favourite with Foodhub users. They even have a Hawaiian burger, if pineapple on pizza isn’t enough…

With a 5 star rating on Foodhub, plus reviews noting their ‘great service’, ‘excellent food’ and ‘super value’, HLC is clearly a firm favourite with keen foodies.


Some of Petra’s burgers are certainly not for the faint-hearted. The chicken sizzler burger contains jalapenos AND chilli sauce if you fancy a kick, and they also offer a triple tower burger if two burger patties just aren’t enough.

Petra is another takeaway rated 5 stars on Foodhub, and with an array of other items on offer including toasted wraps, it’s sure to satisfy your food cravings over the bank holiday weekend and beyond.

Dial a Pizza

Don’t be fooled by the name – Dial a Pizza also does a mean line in burgers. Along with all the classics, this takeaway offers treats such as a garlic burger (one to avoid on date night) and a doner burger.

Another 5-star rated establishment, Dial a Pizza has been described as the ‘best around’ on Foodhub, with customers praising its ‘absolutely great food’ and ‘giant portions. Definitely, the one to choose if you’re feeling extra hungry.

Sidhu’s Chippy

Another takeaway with a misleading name – Sidhu’s Chippy is one of Foodhub’s most popular burger takeaways in the area. With doner meat and hash browns just two of the more unusual ingredients that feature on their burgers, you have the option to try an adventurous new combination – but the classics are catered for too of course!

As the name suggests, this 5-star rated takeaway also offers a wide range of chip shop favourites, so it’s easy to see why Foodhub customers keep returning to this ‘excellent’, ‘amazing’ takeaway.

Belisima Pizza

Another pizza takeaway with a great selection of burgers, Belisima Pizza offers a mushroom burger, American burger and more. With the option to have each burger as a half-pounder or quarter pounder, or even a triple-decker, there are options to suit every appetite!

Yet another takeaway with a 5 star rating, Belisima is a firm favourite with Foodhub users. Reviews describe the ‘lovely’ and ‘very tasty’ food, and customers return again and again!

Visit Foodhub or download our app to see which takeaways are available in your area, to celebrate National Burger Day and beyond!

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