The 5 Best Kebab Takeaways in Grimsby


If you love fine things in life, you’ll surely binge on various kebab treats that exhibit the menus of takeaways in Grimsby.

We can describe love for kebabs in 100 lines. But if you simplify kebabs, they are a grey hunk of finely-minced, mechanically recovered meat from middle-east, and has a variety of meats cooked to perfection for a delicious meal. 

Below are some of the most value for money kebabs in and around Grimsby, which you can’t afford to miss.


You can judge the popularity of this place with the fact that 82% of its customers have rated it with five stars. If you love traditional kebabs, KeBarbeQ is just right for you.

“.. I have moved to America, but I was coming here for over ten years. I love this place, and I always will!”, Sylvana Hall

Crazy fan following, isn’t it? KeBarbeQ‘s super friendly staff have a separate fan base too.

Must-try: 2 Combo Kebab


There are restaurants which make great kebabs and then there is Char-Grill, who’s been making great kebabs for ages. Regular customers love the kebabs here. Josh will prove that none of what you just read is an exaggeration.

“.. This place is like the Playboy mansion of kebab places! Really nice staff and the food was banging too!”, Josh Dobbo (A local foodie)

Char-Grill has always been locals’ first choice when it comes to kebabs. 

Must-try: Chicken Shish Kebab

HPK Express

Its 90% of 5-star reviews assure that HPK Express’ kebabs are no less than amazing. The regulars often mention the polite gentleman on call. 

“.. It’s the best kebab shop in the town, and I wouldn’t prefer anywhere else. Staff are always friendly. Highly recommended!”, Ellie Telford (A regular)

The regular customers of HPK Express usually tend to order at least twice or thrice a week. 

Must-try: King Sized Mixed Donner and Chicken Donner Kebab

Victoria Kebab House

Do you often get late-night cravings for delicious kebabs that end up unfulfilled? If yes, we think today is your lucky day, because we introduce you to the Victoria Kebab House.

This kebab takeaway is famous for its large portion at a very reasonable price, which is sometimes just too much for one person.

“.. I write this review based on my visits over several years. The food is great, the service is polite, and the price is reasonable. Thanks, guys!”, Juanito Abreu

Must-try: Chicken Doner Kebab

The Kebab House

The place has a rustic and old vintage look and the kebabs are amazing. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters. Right? 😉

“.. I have been going in here for 30 years since I used to work there after school. The food is better than any kebab shop. Doner has a secret recipe that none other uses and the kebabs just get bigger! They are like cricket balls now!”, Fred Smith

Fred has said enough about The Kebab House for you to try it at least once. How cool it must be to taste a secret kebab recipe?

Must-try: Lamb kebab

There is always something special about kebabs. The combo of meat and vegetables skewered on a bamboo spear, roasted over coals, the smoky flavour, the fantastic array of seasonings with exotic spices… well, sorry, we gotta go. It’s kebab o’clock in Foodhub! 😉

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