#JustDelete for a Treat!


Our bold new campaign – #JustDelete – went live on Friday, giving you the chance to delete your Just Eat, Uber Eats or Deliveroo app to get a free meal from Foodhub!

The nationwide summer campaign is directly targeting the biggest names in takeaway food delivery and lets people save £5 (£10 if you were in the lucky first 1000 people) on a takeaway from Foodhub just by deleting other food delivery apps.

The campaign was launched in major cities across the UK – Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham and Cardiff – and means free takeaway food for thousands of people who have until the end of the month to redeem their free food vouchers.

Huge digital billboards went up on Friday asking people to ‘Delete For a Treat’ thereby encouraging UK foodies to delete the rival food apps then visit the website to claim a free Foodhub takeaway meal.

The campaign is being supported by Love Island stars Alex Bowen and Cara Delahoyde-Massey, who have been sharing the hashtag #justdelete and encouraging their fans to delete their takeaway food apps to take advantage of our offer.

On our own social channels, we are also urging people to show us their #JustDelete selfies, to show us which tasty treats they have ordered through the Foodhub app now, that they have deleted their other takeaway apps.

COO for Foodhub, Philip Mostyn says, “We know our customers know and love us because our app is, on average, 15% cheaper for the same meal from the same takeaway restaurants as Just Eat.”

But we want more people to know! And what better way to drive trial than to directly target the customers of our biggest rivals like Just Eat, UberEats and Deliveroo with the offer of free food if they switch to Foodhub?

It’s cheeky and provocative – just how we like it.

This campaign was picked up by titles including the Daily Mirror and The Sun, and is just the latest in a list of eye-popping initiatives.

Last month we made headlines calling for our rivals, Just Eat, Deliveroo and UberEats, to rethink their commission model to better support both the takeaways and the consumer.

We launched our online food ordering website and app in 2017. There are more than 14,000 takeaways currently featured online on Foodhub and through the apps available for iOS and Android. With so much of choices available, #JustDelete those other apps and place your first order through Foodhub today!

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