Jam or Cream first? the Great British debate!


National Cream Tea Day takes place on the last Friday in June, and we at Foodhub are bringing the classic British debate back- jam or cream first on your scone?! The quintessential snack, though delicious, certainly can cause controversy and a split between the nation on what is the right way to layer a scone!

What is cream tea?

A Cream tea is a form of an afternoon tea, which includes several servings of perfectly brewed tea, and of course warm, freshly baked scones, with lashings of cream and jam.

Where did the debate stem from?

Although it originated from the south of England, there is an argument of exactly where in the south cream tea came from. There is evidence to suggest that the tradition of eating bread with cream and jam was first discovered in Devon in the 11th century, but if you take a small step over the border to Cornwall, the Cornish make a bold claim that they invented clotted cream in 500 BC, a strong reason for the possibility of Cornwall being the original creators of the cream tea. 

The Devon or Cornwall way?

The classic debate has been coursing through the country for centuries now, and it’s not just Devonians or the Cornish who want their say on how they feel is the right method to enjoy a cream tea. But who is who’s?


Putting cream first on your delicious warm scone and having jam on top means that you are a supporter of the Devonian way. 


Which of course means if you opt for putting jam on your scone and then add the cream, you believe that the Cornish way is the only way to devour a cream tea!

Now it’s time for you to pick a side!

We want to hear from you this National Cream Tea day! Devon or Cornwall? You have the power to decide and make your opinion known! Head over to our socials now and cast your vote for this symbolic argument, that will always be an iconic topic of discussion for the Brits!

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