It’s National Ice Cream Day, but what is the strangest ice cream flavour to exist?


It’s National Ice Cream Day, but what is the strangest ice cream flavour to exist?

National Ice Cream Day is on Sunday 18th July, and we at Foodhub love ice cream just as much as the next person. Whether it’s mint choc chip, salted caramel, pistachio or even classic vanilla, ice cream is an under-appreciated dessert (in our opinion). Some employees are even partial to an occasional sorbet once in a while…sorbet still counts as ice cream right?!

Although in the U.K. there is a wide selection of ice cream choices to help satisfy your sweet tooth, we were intrigued to find the strangest ice cream flavour from around the world. We’ve listed below some of the top five oddest flavours!

Garlic Clove Ice Cream

Yes, you read that right. Garlic ice cream was first invented in Connecticut, USA by Thomas J Cossette. Using a base of either vanilla or honey ice cream, garlic is then added to create the flavour. Despite being an unconventional choice, tasters at the Gilroy Garlic festival stated that it was “A creamy taste with subtle hints of garlic.” It traditionally is used to accompany other dishes such as steak but can be eaten as a dessert on its own. We’ll pass on this one. 

Fish and Mushy Peas

A classic English dish turned into a not so classic ice cream flavour. Created in England by Teare Woods Luxury Ice Cream Parlour, this flavour features one scoop of minty mushy pea ice cream, and one fish flavoured, topped with chunks of battered fish for some added texture! I think we will just stick to chippy tea.

Balsamic Fig

Taking a break from the savoury options, balsamic fig was first found in Oklahoma, and consists of a mixture of sweet and sour, with the candied figs bringing the sweetness and the acidic flavour from the balsamic making the sourness come to the palette.


An extremely popular choice in Japan, wasabi ice cream can typically be found as a street food option in Tokyo. Described by some as “A taste of heaven” it has notes of coconut, with only a hint of tingle from the heat of wasabi. It’s a pungent flavour, and if you’re more of a conventional ice cream lover and opt for Neapolitan flavours instead, this one may not be for you.

Spaghetti and Cheese

It seems you can turn any dish into an ice cream flavour if you put your mind to it, including pasta! First seen in Venezuela, spaghetti ice cream- not to be confused with spaghettieis (a German ice cream dish where the ice cream is put through a press or potato ricer to give the appearance of spaghetti), has the classic taste of tomato sauce and parmesan cheese, mixed into a creamy, soft scoop. A taste of Italy rolled into ice cream, who would have thought?!

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