Foodhub and Gigable Join Hands to Help Independent Restaurants with a Commission-Free Delivery Service


2020 may go down as a year of online food ordering amidst the pandemic precautions, and thus, sadly, the restaurant sector had to face a downturn.

2020 can go down in history as the year of WFH and online food ordering.

Many restaurants have partnered with delivery services to meet the surging need and to keep their businesses afloat. However, independent restaurants found the situation challenging due to the high commission charged by other delivery platforms.

Being a part of the online food ordering industry, we, Foodhub, provided the restaurants, listed in our site, with a commission-free solution by collaborating with Gigable.

Gigable, the Economy Platform

Founded by a tech entrepreneur John Ryan, Gigable connects restaurants with freelancing delivery drivers. If a restaurant needs a driver, it can post the date and time of requirement and rate of pay on the platform for a member to accept.

Foodhub’s Partnership with Gigable

One of our prime motives is to support local takeaways by charging 0% commission for the orders that they receive. On learning about the challenging situation of independent restaurants, we partnered with Gigable to help them enable a commission-free delivery service.

John Ryan, Founder and CEO of Gigable, said, “This (the partnership) is an opportunity for us to bring something new to thousands more businesses and freelancers across the UK.”

Restaurants have to ensure that they adapt to the new normal without losing their profits.

Philip Mostyn, Foodhub’s Chief Operating Officer, commented, “A multitude of businesses are feeling the outcome of the current crisis, and restaurants, in particular, are facing a period of uncertainty.”

“However, those that have thrived have been those that offer a delivery service. Therefore, we have partnered with Gigable to enable independent restaurants the ability to provide delivery.”

Foodhub, by bringing together Gigable drivers and our restaurant partners, is confident that the local restaurants can now adapt to the new normal, without having to lose their profits.

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