Exploring sides and drinks that pair well with Fish and Chips and why they work so well together!

Fish and chips is a classic British dish that combines crispy, battered fish with salty yet fluffy chips. It’s a meal many love for a good reason—the combination of flavours and textures is unbeatable. But what are the best foods and drinks to pair with this iconic dish? Here are some ideas :

Malt vinegar: This is the classic condiment to serve with fish and chips. The sourness of the vinegar cuts through the dish’s richness and enhances the fish’s flavour. Nothing quite hits the same as sitting on a UK beach eating a chippy, with the smell of salt and vinegar chips infront of you !

Tartar sauce: Tartar sauce is another popular condiment for fish and chips. This creamy and tangy sauce is made with mayonnaise, pickles, and herbs, adding a delicious flavour.

Mushy peas: This is a traditional side dish often served with fish and chips. The peas are cooked until they are soft and creamy, contrasting the crispy texture of the fish and chips.

Curry sauce: Probably one of the most popular condiments to fish and chips in the UK. The spicy and slightly sweet sauce pairs well with the

flavours of the fish and chips. Some chippy’s offer both traditional curry sauce and chinese curry sauce, which one is your favourite?

 Beer: It is the classic drink to pair with fish and chips. The beer’s carbonation and bitterness cuts through the dish’s richness and cleanses the palate. A light lager or pilsner works well to complement the flavours of the fish and chips.

Cider: A fruity and crisp cider can be refreshing with fish and chips, and the sweetness of the cider can balance out the dish’s saltiness, especially on a summer’s day, a cider is definitely the option for you if you fancy something sweet.

Lemonade: A sweet and tangy lemonade can be an excellent non-alcoholic option with fish and chips. The acidity of the lemon can cut through the dish’s richness and provide a refreshing contrast.

Some many foods and drinks pair well with fish and chips. Whether you prefer a classic condiment like malt vinegar or a refreshing cider, there are plenty of options. The key is to find a pairing that complements and balances out the flavours and textures of the dish. So next time you enjoy some fish and chips, why not pair it with a new condiment or beverage to enhance your culinary experience? And if you’re looking to order fish and chips from the comfort of your home, be sure to check out Foodhub, where you can find a variety of local restaurants that serve this iconic dish and other delicious options to enjoy.

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