21 Resolutions for 2021: The Foodie Way!

With 2020 behind us, we all wish to make the most out of this brand new year. What else could make your year than food! So, we encourage you to make these food-centred resolutions with us.

  1. Become a Food Hero. Eat the leftovers.
  2. Show your gran why you love that hamburger so much. Send her a takeaway surprise.
  3. Never give up! Fight with the world for the last slice of pizza.
  1. Try your hand at cooking a dish from scratch. If anything goes wrong, we’ve got you covered!
  2. Count memories, eat desserts.
  1. Take a tour of your favourite takeaway place. Watch the chef prepare the food that you love to eat often.
  2. Eat Hawaiin pizza while your friend has a pepperoni. (Consider it as a dare)
  3. Give up dieting. Just eat healthily! Besides, chewing is also an exercise, you know?
  4. “I’m okay. Really. I am fine. It’s not that hot.” Challenge yourself with spicy food from time to time.
  1. Celebrate days on the food calendar. How does a pizza party on National Pizza Day sound to you?
  2. Have your food the way you like it. But, chips dipped in a milkshake, seriously? Consider your life choices. You’re a grown-up now.
  3. Support local takeaways by ordering from them.
  4. Don’t wear a white shirt while eating a juicy burger. (You can thank us later)
  1. Be bold and break your taste bud boundaries. The most underrated cuisines bring you the tastiest surprises.
  2. Set a world record for drinking the most cups of tea in a year. 
  3. Always show up at family dinners.
  4. Take the fastest route to China by ordering from the best Chinese takeaways for a week.
  5. It’s okay to take photos of your food for the Gram, but don’t take too long before you eat it.
  1. When you cut a piece of food for yourself, remember what Joey said—“What, are you afraid you’re going to run out? Cut me a REAL PIECE!”
  2. Never just settle for a favourite food item. There is always something out there that’s more drool-worthy.
  3. If you’re hungry, EAT! 

Look no further and kick-start your new year with these resolutions that can feed your inner foodie! 

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